Zaber introduces LSA-V Series of vacuum compatible miniature linear stages

  • Zaber Technologies

Zaber devices allow daisy-chaining in a vacuum chamber, decreasing cables and clutter. Only four feedthrough wires are required to control all devices in the daisy-chain via serial port.

H2W Technologies introduces VCS06-010-BS-01-MXY voice coil driven, XY positioning stage

The stage utilizes a custom low-profile design that utilizes an electromagnetic circuit design. The motor has a two-axis planar coil assembly that interacts with a common magnetic circuit.

Alliance Sensors Group releases LZ-19 Series linear position sensors

These LVITs are offered in nominal full scale ranges from 2.5 to 750 mm (0.1 to 30 inches) with stroke-to-body-length ratios such that the overall length for most sensors is 25 mm (1 inch) or less greater than the linear range of the unit.

Zaber releases X-RSW-SV Series vacuum compatible rotary stages with built-in controllers

  • Zaber Technologies

The integrated stepper motor controller and motor driver allows for control, and the worm gear allows for continuous rotation. Zaber devices allow daisy-chaining in a vacuum chamber.

Zaber introduces X-LSM-SV vacuum compatible linear stages

  • Zaber Technologies

The X-LSM-SV is designed with vacuum compatible materials to minimize outgassing and allow for faster pump down times. Zaber devices allow daisy-chaining in a vacuum chamber, decreasing cables and clutter.

AutomationDirect introduces SureStep IP65 rated high-torque stepping motors

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

IP65 Motors are available in single-shaft configurations and have a 1-ft. cable and locking connector. Extension cables with mating IP65 connector are available in 6, 10 and 20 ft lengths.

PI introduces A-351 MGS mechanical gantry system

  • PI Vision

The gantry is driven by linear motors and each axis is equipped with preloaded linear bearings. Applications include 3D printers, assembly, pick-and-place, alignment, inspection, and other industrial automation applications.

ABB introduces DCS880 DC variable speed drives

  • ABB

The DC VSDs are built on ABB’s all-compatible, common drive platform, sharing the same control panel, features and tools as recent- and future-generation ABB drives. Once users have learned one ABB all-compatible drive, they can use other all-compatible drives – both DC and AC.

ABB to introduce digital application to monitor well-being of control room operators

  • ABB

The result is a microenvironment that adapts to each individual’s needs and is achieved through the measurement and grading of factors such as air quality, temperature, lighting environment and humidity.

Novotechnik releases TF1 Series of touchless position sensors

  • Novotechnik

TF1 Series consists of an inductively coupled position marker attached to a moving rod/piece of the user’s application that requires a position measurement and the sensor with operational and programming status LEDs.