STMicroelectronics introduces four devices in the STSPIN32F0 motor-control system-in-package family

  • STMicroelectronics

The 250V STSPIN32F0251 and STSPIN32F0252, and 600V STSPIN32F0601 and STSPIN32F0602 combine three-phase gate drivers and an STM32F0 Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller for high-voltage Brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives.

ADVANCED Motion Controls announces FM060-5-EM, FM060-10-EM and FM060-25-EM servo drives

  • ADVANCED Motion Controls

The FM drives are equipped with an additional interface board with standard connectors.

maxon introduces POS4 Micro 24/5 CAN controller

  • maxon motor ag

The device is suitable for use with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors (BLDC) of up to 120 W and has comprehensive feedback options such as Hall sensors, as well as digital incremental and SSI absolute encoders.

OES introduces YPR100-10-15-01, YPR100-10-15-02 and YPR100-10-15-03 Yaw-Pitch-Roll stages

  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)

These Yaw-Pitch-Roll stages are designed for the measurement of compound angles or the curvature of an object.

Beckhoff Automation announces EP7402 controller, TwinCAT/BSD alternative operating system (OS) and C6025 Industrial PC at MODEX 2020

  • Beckhoff Automation

The smart distribution center solutions will include the North American debuts of the EP7402 controller for motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyors, TwinCAT/BSD alternative operating system (OS) for Beckhoff PC-based controllers and C6025 ultra-compact Industrial PC (IPC). The eXtended Transport System (XTS) will also make its MODEX debut at the Beckhoff booth (4026).

ControlByWeb introduces X-410 Ethernet I/O control module

The X-410 offers the ability to log a variety of data points such as local and remote I/O, registers, tasks, and voltage. Log entries can be made at preset intervals, scheduled times, triggered by I/O changes or logic events. Users can schedule a daily log file to be sent via email or uploaded via FTP server.

Nippon Pulse introduces Commander core motion controller

  • Nippon Pulse America, Inc.

Commander uses a BASIC-like programming language (A-SCRIPT) that allows programmers to compile, read and write standalone programs. The software also provides multi-threading and subroutine support, and can be run in both PC-based and standalone modes.

H2W Technologies introduces SRT-030/360-026-01 two axis X-Theta positioning system

  • H2W Technologies

The linear axis uses an H2W brushless linear motor BLDM-C08 to generate a continuous force of 26 lb [115.5 N] and a peak force of 78 lb [347 N] with a stroke length of 30 in [768 mm].

AutomationDirect introduces NITRA L-Series rodless cylinders

  • AutomationDirect

All sizes of NITRA rodless cylinders have magnetic pistons and are double-acting. The cylinders have front and rear adjustable cushions and tapped end caps for mounting.

Moticont introduces XYZ-10 three axis XYZ linear actuator

The brushless voice coil motors provide 6.3 lbs (28.2 N) of force and peak forces of 20.0 lbs (89.9 N) at a 10% duty cycle for the X and Y axes. The Z axis linear actuator has a continuous force of 21.2 oz (5.9 N) and 67.0 oz (18.6 N) peak force.