NuTec announces TrayTender 2100 tray loader

  • NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc.

TrayTender 2100 is a custom automated system that can be efficiently used as either a tray loader or tray un-loader.

Igus introduces micro flizz MF10 cable system

  • igus, Inc.

MF10 provides data, energy and media at 6 m/s and up to 100 metres in length for longitudinal travels in storage and retrieval machines.

Hardy adds Set-Up Wizard to weight processors

  • Hardy Process Solutions

The Set-Up Wizard automatically launches when the instrument is powered up, and helps even beginners succeed at producing fast stable weight data

Hardy introduces HI 6500-XP Weight Processor

  • Hardy Process Solutions

The EtherNet/IP enabled weight processor can process and output 300 updates per second of processed (stable) weight.

MEMSIC announces MTLT inclination and tilt sensors

MTLT sensors include programmable tilt alarms for tilt safety applications. The alarm can be programmed to be triggered to activate when the tilt exceeds a specified threshold.

Enerpac introduces SFP-Series split flow pumps

  • Enerpac

Split flow hydraulic pumps provide safe, accurate lifting for multi-point lifting applications

SEPAC introduces MSEB power off brake

  • SEPAC Inc.

MSEB’s standard manual release handle provides a way to manually release brake when power is not available.

B&R introduces conveyor belt tracking system

  • B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

The conveyor belt tracking solution is hardware-independent, which allows the use of different drive systems with different kinematics.

Bosch Rexroth releases VarioFlow plus modular chain conveyor system

  • Bosch Rexroth

The VarioFlow plus modular chain conveyor system allows for quick planning and assembly and offers economical, low-noise operation.

Bosch Rexroth announces BSHP ball runner blocks

  • Bosch Rexroth

These runner blocks are available in most sizes, versions, and accuracy classes. BSHP ball runner blocks are 100% interchangeable into existing profiled rail applications using the same part number as before.