I.D. Systems updates Vehicle Asset Communicator (VAC)

Enhancements in VAC include a phone-type, alphanumeric keypad and a larger, more versatile display for use on forklift trucks.

Festo releases ESBF Electric Cylinder

  • Festo Corporation

The ESBF cylinder is capable of generating almost two tons (17,000 N) of feed force, making it possible to use in place of a hydraulic cylinder.

Scalable Modbus Solutions

  • ProSoft Technology, Inc.

ProSoft introduces Enhanced and Lite modules for CompactLogix. The MVI69 E/L product lines were developed to provide users with scalable solutions to connect non-Rockwell networks to CompactLogix L3 and L2 control systems.

Identify and Fix PROFIBUS Problems

  • Softing Inc.

Softing's PROFIBUS Tester is designed to assist end-users to quickly locate complex wiring and protocol issues in PROFIBUS networks.

Thomson announces LC Series Lifting Columns

  • Thomson Engineering, Inc

LC Series Lifting Columns offer compact, telescopic pre-aligned motion solutions.

New TOP Server Enhancements!

  • Software Toolbox Inc.

EFM Suite adds liquid EFM for Flow-Cal, Logix Ethernet updates, S7 Ethernet auto tag generation & S7-1500 support, more.

Netbiter now with Remote Access

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

Netbiter® EC350, a new and powerful 3G/Ethernet communication gateway with new “Remote Access” feature from HMS.

TiM 511 - 2D Laser Scanner

  • SICK, Inc.

The TiM551 is an outdoor-rated ranging laser scanner. It offers up to a 10-meter range, which means a larger area can be monitored with just one sensor.

ILME Multi-Pole Connector Kits

No more worries about the complex connection work! Get ILME Kits offering a complete solution for your design project.

Multi-core Performance from Embedded PC

  • Beckhoff Automation

The new CX2000 Embedded PC series from Beckhoff Automation integrates leading edge multi-core processor performance with a highly modular design.