igus expands knife edge roller line

  • igus, Inc.

igus knife edge rollers are now available in 14 new dimensions.

Tapeswitch introduces Safety and Sensing Bumpers

  • Tapeswitch Corp.

The safety bumper systems are intended for machine safety, large machinery and equipment emergency shutdown solutions and collision prevention applications.

ISD announces Scalable Shipping System

  • Integrated Systems Design - ISD

The Weighing, Labeling and Sortation System automatically weighs, labels and sorts a wide range of package, box and envelope sizes to reduce costs and improve accuracy in warehouse shipping operations.

Integrated Systems Design introduces UltraBot IE AS/RS

  • Integrated Systems Design - ISD

UltraBot IE automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) delivers totes, boxes and cases to one or more high-speed order picking workstations.

Banner Announces PVL Retroreflective Light Array

  • Banner Engineering

With retroreflective technology, PVL light array provides quality visibility, quick response time and wide, reliable coverage to help streamline pick-to-light and conveying processes for factory and warehouse applications.

Igus introduces E2 Micro chain

  • igus, Inc.

E2 Micro is made up of small, one or two-part cable carriers, designed especially for restricted spaces, making them suitable for highly dynamic applications, such as on automatic doors, handling equipment or pick-and-place robots.

Palmer introduces Vertical Lift Sand Conveyor

This conveyor elevates, heats, cools and meters, and only one moving part comes in contact with the sand.

Roboteq releases MGS1600C Sensor for Guiding AGVs

The MGS1600C sensor is intended for line following robotic applications, using adhesive magnetic tape to form a track guide on the floor.

Nexen introduces FMBS Spring-Engaged Brakes

  • Nexen

FMBS brakes mount to NEMA C-Face motors and push a “pressure plate” against the friction surface of the brake’s disc-hub that produces enough torque to stop and hold the load.

Qcomp Announces High Speed Pick & Pack robot

  • QComp Technologies, Inc.

Robot packs cases in horizontal or vertical package configurations.