GreyOrange releases Flexo modular sortation robotics system

The AI-enabled robotics system can be scaled to meet evolving business needs to handle large peaks, and reduced during non-peak hours. Flexo components are designed to allow for implementation in as short as 15 days due to its simple design, modularity and standardisation.

Dynamic Systems announces Advanced Checkmate Mobile inventory application

The Advanced Checkmate Mobile application records inventory from receiving through storage and shipping and has a feature to count inventory and print a discrepancy report.

Sterling Systems & Controls announces Loadout Automation Application for Feedmills

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

Sterling Systems’ Loadout application system ensures the transport of the correct product to the desired location. With the ability to custom fill a truck with multiple orders, the Loadout system identifies the load needing to go into the truck trailer and then fills it with the correct material based on the order.

Kinedyne LLC introduces EASE-Z Winch Bar family

The bar comes in one standard model and two combination versions that have modified handles that can be used to release tension on chain binders.

SICK introduces Safe Portal Solutions

  • SICK, Inc.

Safe Portal Solutions from SICK ensure safeguarding for automated material transfer stations. Operating with up to four simultaneous protective fields, two vertically installed safety laser scanners detect people gaining unauthorized access of any kind.

Somic America introduces SOMIC-FLEXX III packaging machine

The SOMIC-FLEXX III is designed to run one-piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and two-piece tray and hood for retail ready presentations.

Sterling Systems & Controls announces Receiving and Material Transfer automation application module

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

The Receiving/Transfer application is custom designed to suit the exact needs of the application. This includes allowing for manual control or to include the ability for automatic receiving and transfer stepswithin a facility.

Festo introduces CPX-E control platform for handling technology

  • Festo Corporation

Plug-and-pay connectivity includes Festo components and systems such as sensors, cameras, HMI, and electric and pneumatic servo systems, including actuators.

Honeywell Intelligrated announces Alvey 890i palletizer

  • Honeywell Industrial Automation & Control

The Alvey 890i palletizer is capable of handling a range of packaging types, in a variety of stacking patterns. An touch-screen interface offers access to diagnostics.

Sterling Systems & Controls releases line of bulk bag handling equipment

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

Bulk Bag filling systems are also custom engineered and manufactured to fit the specific bulk material processing requirements