Micro graphic panels from $749

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect adds new series to C-more Micro line of touchscreen operator interface panels.

RMI5001 - Remote Data Display

  • Maple Systems, Incorporated

Monitor productivity & safety, affordably. The RMI5001 converts a monitor or Flat-screen TV into a visual data display.

SICK releases CLV610 Bar Code Scanner for Short Reading Distances

  • SICK, Inc.

The CLV610 is a compact, industrial, laser-based scanner that is ideal for short reading distances with a large reading field height.

ISD introduces UltraRail Pallet-Shuttle for Storage and Retrieval Applications

  • Integrated Systems Design - ISD

UltraRail system eliminates aisles and converts the end of each lane into an active storage and retrieval position. Each lane can hold up to 10 positions or more.

Westfalia adds cameras to Vertical Lift Stations

  • Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

The camera allows warehouse personnel to view pallets remotely, increasing safety and accuracy in product storage and retrieval, while adding efficiency to warehouse and distribution center operations.

Iwis introduces Flexon SafeTopChain for conveyors

The closed upper surface of these plastic chains guarantees the safe transportation of individual items and workpiece carriers in conveyor systems.

ABB introduces RobotStudio Picking PowerPac software

  • ABB

PowerPac combines RobotStudio and PickMaster 3 software into a single bundle, simplifying both the design and programming of complex robotic picking-and-packing systems.

Dual Mode Accelerometers, E.L.F.

Dytran's new generation of sensors combines piezoelectric and DC response MEMS technologies in a single housing.

New Anybus X-gateway Design

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

New Anybus X-gateway makes it easier to set up communication between industrial networks

Beckhoff Panels with Multi-touch Technology

  • Beckhoff Automation

The CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series feature innovative multi-touch technology as well as contemporary and elegant design.