Zaber releases Motorized Rotation Stage with built-in controllers and encoders

  • Zaber Technologies

With a maximum speed of 300 rpm, these rotation stages are ideal for the rapid positioning of light loads to within a fraction of a degree.

Zaber releases compact Vertical Lift Stage with built-in controller

  • Zaber Technologies

Zaber's X-VSR Series vertical lift stages are computer-controlled, stepper actuator driven platforms capable of moving 10 kg loads.

Sprecher + Schuh introduce KTV7 series of multi-motor controllers

The KTV7 series of self-protected combination motor controllers are ideal for use with variable frequency drives (VFDs) in multi-motor installations for industries that include food and beverage, material handling and factory automation.

Dematic releases Dematic iQ 2.1 control software

  • Dematic Corp.

The new version of Dematic iQ now contains features and advanced algorithms specifically designed to reduce order cycle time and improve order picking.

SixAxis introduces SmartTech LOGIC terminal grounding system

  • Sixaxis Ltd.

The controller provides multiple truck and railcar grounding options all in one enclosure and allows the operator or terminal manager to immediately see operational issues and activities via a pre-set menu.

Siemens introduces Simiotics DP crane motors

  • Siemens

The gray cast iron motors have been specifically designed to withstand the high-humidity, salt-laden air encountered in container ports.

NuTec announces TrayTender 2100 tray loader

  • NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc.

TrayTender 2100 is a custom automated system that can be efficiently used as either a tray loader or tray un-loader.

Igus introduces micro flizz MF10 cable system

  • igus, Inc.

MF10 provides data, energy and media at 6 m/s and up to 100 metres in length for longitudinal travels in storage and retrieval machines.

Hardy adds Set-Up Wizard to weight processors

  • Hardy Process Solutions

The Set-Up Wizard automatically launches when the instrument is powered up, and helps even beginners succeed at producing fast stable weight data

Hardy introduces HI 6500-XP Weight Processor

  • Hardy Process Solutions

The EtherNet/IP enabled weight processor can process and output 300 updates per second of processed (stable) weight.