Festo releases EXCM-30 and EXCM-40 models of planar gantries

  • Festo Corporation

The Festo EXCM family of planar gantries are designed to gain expanded workspaces and higher load capacities, but are still ideally used for plug-and-play subassemblies in assembly and handling systems and medical laboratory devices.

Fetch Robotics announces Freight500 and Freight1500 industrial robots

  • Fetch Robotics, Inc

Both robots, like the Freight predecessor, operate in commercial and industrial environments where they are deployed to automate the delivery of bulky and heavy loads

Yale introduces MO70T automated tow tractor

Designed for sequencing applications in assembly operations and stock replenishment, the MO70T is the second robotic solution available since Yale partnered its materials handling expertise with Balyo’s navigation technology.

Wildeck introduces RiderLift RML vertical material lift

The RiderLift RML is ideally suited for industrial applications and has been designed to allow an authorized person to ride with their cargo to a second level and avoid having to climb stairs.

Dematic introduces Multishuttle Flex automated inventory staging buffer

  • Dematic Corp.

The Dematic Multishuttle Flex is designed to support multi-deep load buffering with discrete access to any load in the automated system. Multishuttle Flex is utilized by grocery, food/beverage, general merchandise retailers, and B2B industrial distributors.

MJC Engineering announces Green Hydraulic Power system

Injection presses, materials handling equipment, stamping presses, other metal forming machines and more can utilize Green Hydraulic Power.

Numina Group introduces RDS+ LFS.wms warehouse management system

The solution provides a scalable warehouse management system with a family of logistic automation modules including a transportation management system (LFS.tms)

Egemin introduces E'tow EasyLoop chain conveyor system

This material flow system solution is primarily geared towards logistics providers looking to automate processes in distribution centres and cross-docking hubs for improved throughput and service scalability.

Glide-Line introduces Glide-Line 360 automated conveyor solution

The Glide-Line 360 is a combination of powered timing belt based conveyors working together with a family of devices. Used as a centralized hub, the Glide-Line 360 can help solve complex pallet, work-piece and panel handling distribution challenges.

Dematic introduces RapidStore UL1400 automated storage and retrieval system

  • Dematic Corp.

Dematic RapidStore UL1400 is an alternative automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that is designed to retrofit into existing manual warehouses with low to medium building heights.