Tag to tag sensors for worker social distancing

Employees can simply wear the electronic tags on a lanyard, similar to building or equipment access cards, offering a minimally intrusive solution that only makes its presence known when providing a proximity alert.

AutomationDirect announces Linear Variable Inductance Transducers (LVITs) from Alliance Sensors Group

  • AutomationDirect

Linear Variable Inductance Transducers (LVITs) from Alliance Sensors Group convert the linear displacement of an object into a proportional electrical signal output of 0-10V or 4-20mA (depending on model).

Nanotec introduces LGA35 captive linear actuator

  • Nanotec Electronic, US, Inc.

The LGA35 series comes with stroke lengths of 19.05 mm and 36.1 mm. For customized designs, nine further thread pitches up to 9.75 mm and stroke lengths of up to 63.5 mm are available.

Himmelstein releases MCRT 48600V Series Digital Torque Sensor

  • S. Himmelstein and Co.

Output signals for torque, speed and horsepower are provided as analog (±5 or ±10 Vdc) and digital over RS232 serial port.  Available capacities are from 10 to 200 ozf-in (0.07 to 1.4 Nm).

JAI introduces Fusion Series Flex-Eye cameras

  • JAI, Inc.

The approach is called "Flex-Eye" and it is designed to make multispectral imaging even more effective by precisely tailoring the wavebands to the exact requirements of specific applications, including those in fluorescence-guided surgery, food inspection, intelligent farming, agricultural analysis (NDVI/NDRE), electronics inspection, biometrics, and many more.

ABB introduces PxS100 range of pressure transmitters

  • ABB

The PxS100 range is suitable for use in the water, wastewater, metals, mining, pulp and paper, cement, and power ancillary sectors.

Baumer introduces DST20 strain sensors

  • Baumer Ltd.

The miniature-format strain sensors DST20 complement the Baumer portfolio by adding a solution for measuring large forces above 10,000 N even in confined spaces.

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries announces ILPS-18S Series Spring Loaded Inductive Linear Position Sensors using LVIT Technology

ILPS-18S sensors are designed for test stands, test laboratories, automated assembly machines, processing and packaging equipment, robotics, and automotive test applications. 

AMETEK introduces Model 575 intrinsically safe level transmitter


The Model DDMC meter is used to power the Model 575 transmitter through approved electrical barriers.  The DDMC also provides a continuous display of the level in the tank. 

Saelig introduces GWInstek GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester

This tester uses nine measurement device networks to simulate the human body interacting with equipment under test. Leakage current testing is needed to ensure that products comply with specific standards and regulations such as IEC, UL, JIS, etc.