Sick Offers New LBR SicWave Radar for Level Measurement in Bulk Materials

  • SICK, Inc.

Neither dust nor large measuring ranges pose a challenge for the new LBR SicWave radar sensors from SICK.

Balluff Sensor Detects Magnetic Field Interference, Stops False Triggering

  • Balluff, Inc.

Magnetic field sensor delivers system and signal stability in welding environments. 

OEE Datawatch Introduces UAK1000 Universal Automation Kiosk

Plug-and-play SCADA kiosk centralizes manufacturing automation for about half the cost of traditional engineered solutions.

Baumer's Digital and Analog Interface Benefits All at Once Thanks to Dual Channel

  • Baumer Ltd.

Pressure sensor PP20H and conductivity sensor CombiLyz AFI now add on the Baumer portfolio of process sensors with digital communication interface.

New iSYS-6030 Radar System Detects Filling Levels and Prevents Collisions

InnoSenT’s new edition of a classic product offers high-precision distance measurement.

Carlo Gavazzi Launches IO-Link Capacitive Proximity Sensors in Stainless Steel, Teflon

  • Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch of our new Capacitive Proximity Sensors with Integrated IO-Link communications.

Pfannenberg Offers PY L-S LED Signaling Device to Convey Normal and Irregular Activity

  • Pfannenberg

Combined with thermal imaging cameras, device helps flag possible COVID-19 infections.

PEAK-System Develops an I/O Device with CANopen and CANopen FD Connection

In cooperation with the partner Embedded Systems Academy (EmSA), PEAK-System has developed an I/O device with CANopen and CANopen FD connection.

POSITAL Announces Position Sensors with Modbus RTU Interface

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

Recently, POSITAL expanded its series of rotary encoders and inclinometers to include models with the Modbus RTU communications interface.

Carlo Gavazzi Launches IO-Link Masters

  • Carlo Gavazzi

CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the launch of our new IO-Link Masters, which are IIoT-enabled network blocks for digital industrial transformation.