ADLINK announces Measurement, Automation, and Platform Suite

  • ADLINK Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

Developers working with DAQ and PXI modules may immediately begin work with MAPS software packages such as ADLINK Connection Explorer (ACE), diagnostic tools, and testing utilities to analyze device functionality in one click.

B&R introduces Safe Speed Observer virtual sensor for ACOPOS P3 servo drive

  • B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

From the electrical variables of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the Safe Speed Observer calculates two redundant models of the motor – achieving a safety level for the calculated speed. The virtual sensor can be used for both linear and rotary synchronous motors.

NUM introduces accelerometer-based active vibration control system for CNC machine tools

Primarily designed to improve machining by eliminating tool head vibration, the system further helps maximize material removal rate (MRR) and can also provide real-time feedback for predictive maintenance purposes.

Rockwell Automation announces Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 safety I/O modules

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

The three FLEX 5000 safety I/O modules provide distributed safety I/O for the Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5380 and GuardLogix 5580 controllers. The safety modules can be combined with FLEX 5000 standard I/O modules to achieve integrated safety and control in one distributed I/O platform.

Mitsubishi Electric announces slice type I/O modules

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Each slice offers a clip-in mounting system, while status LEDs help with visual diagnostics. It has a width of 11.5 mm, allowing for larger systems to be wired into a smaller panel, up to 64 modules can be connected per row.

Endress+Hauser announces CA76NA and CA80SI analyzers for power industry applications

  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The CA76NA monitors sodium, while the CA80SI analyzes for silica in boiler feedwater, steam, condensate and ion exchangers. Each analyzer can accept up to six sampling inputs.

Chromasens introduces chromaPIXA tri-linear CCD sensor linescan camera

  • Chromasens GmbH

Outputting in LAB format, the camera providesdetection of color flaws directly within the production process, and expands the options for designers of color linescan systems.

Larson Electronics releases EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-RS.6-HC200 explosion proof hydrocarbon gas sensor

This toxic gas transmitter is equipped with a remote sensor that offers operators a sensor response testing system for hazardous locations. This unit is fitted with a hydrocarbon sensor that detects 0-200 ppm and is made with a cast aluminum housing.

Anver releases VLS‚Äë09 vacuum leakage sensor

The solid-state controlled ANVER VLS‑09 Vacuum Leakage Sensor sets itself to a system’s peak vacuum level, compensated for altitude and atmospheric pressure, and displays it on a color LCD.

ADLINK Technology announces Express-SL2/KL2 module

  • ADLINK Technology

The Express-SL2/KL2 features the 6th/7th Gen Intel Core Processors (as well as Celeron and Xeon options) and supports the Type 2 pinout with legacy interfaces such as PCI-bus, PATA, and VGA.