Honeywell Introduces Optical Caliper Sensor to Help Optimize Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing

  • Honeywell IAC
  • Honeywell Process Solutions

Measures total thickness of electrode material during coating and pressing operations, which are key to Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) performance.

AutomationDirect Presents New Prosense Basic Series Proximity Sensors

  • AutomationDirect

The new Prosense Basic series of proximity sensors offer great value for general industrial applications.

Balluff's IO-Link Photoelectric Sensors Provide IP67 and IP69 Protection, Ecolab Approval

  • Balluff GmbH

Balluff’s newest photoelectric sensors provide the benefits of IO-Link with an impressive detection range of up to 20 meters.

Posital Provides Wiegand Sensors: Proximity Sensing with Extra Powers

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

Wiegand sensors, tiny devices that use variations in an external magnetic field to generate electrical signals and energy, have unique properties that make them a useful option for proximity sensing systems.

AutomationDirect Offers New Contrinex DW Series Proximity Sensors

  • AutomationDirect

New models of Contrinex DW series round proximity sensors are offered in barrel sizes from 8mm to 30mm. 

TDK Releases Tronics AXO 315: High Performance, Force-rebalance SMD MEMS Accelerometer with Digital Interface

TDK Corporation announces the release of Tronics AXO®315, a miniature high performance 1-axis closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with a 24-bit digital SPI interface and SMD package.

Nexen Introduces Industry 4.0 Sensor Solutions for Brake Applications to Maximize Machine Efficiency

  • Nexen Group, Inc.

Nexen Group, Inc. announces the release of the of Industry 4.0 Sensors included with the Zero-Backlash Spring Engaged (ZSE) brake, Servo Motor brake, and Slide Rail brake families.

NewTek Sensor Solutions Offers Loop-Powered 4-20mA Output on All LVDT Position Sensor Designs

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers loop-powered 4 – 20 mA outputs on its free core, spring-loaded,  hermetically sealed and custom LVDTs in providing a robust measurement signal for integration into a variety of PLCs, digital indicators, computer-based data processors and QC data collection systems.

Alliance Sensors Produces LA-9.5 Series of Miniature AC-LVDTs

  • Alliance Sensors Group

Alliance Sensors Group, a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC, has expanded its linear position sensor line with the new LA-9.5 series of miniature AC-LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers).

Opto 22’s Groov RIO Ethernet Edge I/O Now Ships with PID, SSH, and LDAP Support

  • Opto 22

Version 3.0 firmware enables distributed closed-loop control, central user management, and tens of thousands more I/O combinations.