Balluff introduces expanded range of EX intrinsically safe sensors

  • Balluff GmbH

Designed specifically to meet the demands of applications in hazardous atmospheres, each sensor works on such a low current and voltage that it cannot ignite flammable material present in explosive zones

AutomationDirect introduces CLICK PLC input simulator and high-current relay output modules

  • AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect CLICK PLC units are brick/stackable PLCs with the processing, memory, communication and I/O interface needed in an automated control system.

Moticont introduces SDLM-019-070-01-01 direct drive linear motor

Also known as an electric cylinder, this direct drive linear motor is 0.75 in. (19.1 mm) in diameter and 2.75 in (69.9 mm) long. Protected inside the motor housing, the linear optical quadrature encoder is directly connected to the shaft.

iTRACE and Leuze announce integration of iTRACE 2DMI with Leuze DCR 200i Camera Based Code Reader for Blockchain registration and authentication

  • Leuze electronic

With the integration of 2DMI with the Leuze DCR 200i range of camera-based code readers, customers are now able to capture transaction and authentication information automatically anywhere in the supply chain.

ControlAir introduces Type 7150 precision air relay

  • ControlAir Inc.

The Type 7150 combines the technology of the ControlAir Type 200 Precision Air Relay with the high forward and reverse flow of the Type 6100, 1:1 Relay Volume Booster.

EGE introduces MFN series of sensors

  • EGE-Elektronik

Using a corresponding master, the level controllers can be connected to any common bus system and conveniently parameterized via PC or notebook. The guided microwave measuring principle ensures reliability due to its insensitivity to external influences such as temperature, pressure, or density.

AutomationDirect announces STRIDE field I/O for Modbus TCP-capable systems

  • AutomationDirect

Each module operates as a standalone Modbus TCP server, and can be remotely configured via a built-in web server.

Opto 22 announces groov RIO intelligent, distributed input/output (I/O) for IIoT and automation applications

  • Opto 22

The first shipping version of groov RIO is the GRV-R7-MM1001-10, a standalone, 10-channel, multi-signal, multifunction I/O unit for signals including thermocouples (TCs), integrated circuit temperature devices (ICTDs), voltage inputs, current inputs, millivolt inputs, discrete DC inputs, self-wetting discrete inputs, discrete DC sinking outputs, and Form C mechanical relays

AutomationDirect announces Wenglor rectangular 50 x 50 x 20mm photoelectric sensors

  • AutomationDirect

The size of these Wenglor sensors makes them suitable as drop-in replacements for other rectangular photoelectric sensor brands. Sensing ranges vary from 1200mm for background suppression sensors to 20m for through-beam models.

ControlByWeb introduces X-410 Ethernet I/O control module

The X-410 offers the ability to log a variety of data points such as local and remote I/O, registers, tasks, and voltage. Log entries can be made at preset intervals, scheduled times, triggered by I/O changes or logic events. Users can schedule a daily log file to be sent via email or uploaded via FTP server.