CAS Dataloggers announces Novus DigiRail Connect distributed I/O module

  • CAS DataLoggers

This product features mixed analog and digital inputs and outputs, which accept a variety of standard sensor and signal types including thermocouples, RTD’s, voltage, and 0-20 mA current.

Ewellix announces CEMC Series electro-mechanical actuator

The CEMC Series actuator has a set of built-in sensors which stops them from being exposed during the manufacturing process without impacting on the overall dimensions of the actuator.

ABB announces ABB Ability Remote Insights augmented reality service

  • ABB

ABB Ability Remote Insights for service uses commercially available headsets to assist field service technicians and expand the reach of ABB subject matter experts. The technology enables a field service technician to share his or her view of a situation using the device’s camera, and receive guidance directly from an expert through on-screen annotations, chat, and document sharing.

AutomationDirect announces SU, UK, UT and TU series round body and UQ series cubic plastic ultrasonic distance sensors

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

Discrete models are available with adjustable sensitivity and one sensor can be standardized for many materials. Operating voltages from 10 to 30VDC are available; temperature ranges up to +70C are now offered on some models.

Opto 22 releases GRV-IVI-12, GRV-IRTD-8 and GRV-IDCSW-12 input/output modules

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

For system integrators and engineers, the I/O modules provide more options for bringing existing devices into groov EPIC, as well as meeting requirements for temperature control applications. They also include designs for mixed signal types, signal isolation, and channel density:

Analytical Systems Keco introduces Model 204 Hydrocarbon VOC in water analyzer

  • Analytical Systems International KECO

The Model 204 water analyzer works to provide capability for environmental pollution control for wastewater treatment plants that must measure VOC contaminants to ensure water is properly treated before released, chemical/ petrochemical plants that measure VOC directly in the water.

Festo announces CPX-AP-I remote I/O system

  • Festo Corporation

CPX-AP-I enables valve terminals to be moved closer to pneumatic cylinders. Process data in and out of each bus module is as much as two kilobytes. Scan cycles for a mix of both valve terminals and I/O are below one millisecond.

SICK introduces Safe Robotics Area Protection safety system

  • SICK, Inc.

The SRAP system consists of a Flexi Soft safety controller and a safety laser scanner – either the S300 Mini Remote for shorter scanning ranges or the microScan3 Core for larger monitoring fields. Safe Robotics Area Protection satisfies the criteria of Performance Level PL d in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

EVT introduces EyeSens vision sensor with Profinet Support and Dual Core processor

As with the first EyeSens generation the sensors can communicate with an SPS via the Profinet communication protocol. In addition, the EyeSens supports Modbus as well as TCP/IP and UDP communication.

L-com introduces IoT pressure and level sensor line

  • L-com

These IoT sensors offer range, accuracy and the ability to operate in harsh environments typically found in utilities, oil and gas, water and wastewater, factory automation and food processing industries.