Emerson introduces series of Rosemount solids level switches

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

The vibrating fork, paddle, capacitance and vibrating rod switches within the Rosemount range ensure monitoring of solid materials such as powders, grains and pellets in all silo types across industries including food and beverage, agriculture, chemical, power, cement, mining and plastics.

Novotechnik introduces RSA3200 series of Hall effect angle sensors

  • Novotechnik

Measurement angle of the RSA3200 Series is factory programmable for range maximum between 60° to 360°. Optional linkage lever that attaches to shaft, provides additional mounting options.

Ransohoff introduces Rotosonic cleaning system

January 29, 2020 - Ransohoff a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, introduced a spray and ultrasonic combination aqueous parts cleaning system. The Rotosonic will work to clean heavily soiled parts in a single machine, rather than having to purchase a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately.  It is designed to give flexibility allowing utilization of a single process or both, depending on user needs. 

The Rotosonic is a parts cleaning machine for re-manufacturing of automotive, truck, aerospace parts and more.  The machine has a payload of 300LBS and a load height of 39”.  The ultrasonic tank offers 40KHZ frequency to help clean the hard to reach locations and blind holes.   The Rotosonic has a footprint of 55” deep x 50” wide x 86” high.

MSA introduces General Monitors FL500-H2 Flame Detector

  • MSA Systems, Inc

The FL500-H2 sensors monitor optical radiation emitted by a hydrogen flame in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges while at the same time rejecting false alarm sources common within industrial job sites.

Process Sensors Corporation introduces PSC-52LT digital non-contact infrared thermometer

The PSC-52LT operates in the 0° to 1000°C (32° to 1832°F) temperature range with adjustable sub-temperature ranges. It features an adjustable response time of 100ms, and is capable of measuring spot sizes from 0.24” (6mm).

Himmelstein announces MCRT 86011V series of digital torquemeter

  • S. Himmelstein and Co.

These large capacity models are available with 500, 750, and 1,000 kNm torque ranges. Available outputs include analog, digital and FM Data.

MicroPower Direct introduces MSR192K-16A switching voltage regulator

The MLSR192K-16A operates from an 8.3 to 14 VDC input, producing a single tightly regulated output at up to 16A. The output can be adjusted over a range of 0.7525V to 5.0V.

POSITAL announces explosion-proof TILTIX inclinometers

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

These devices have been certified in compliance with IECEx and ATEX directives and are suitable for use in mines, oil and gas facilities, agricultural applications, chemical plants, woodworking factories and milling operations.

AutomationDirect announces ProSense digital panel meters in 1/32 and 1/8 DIN sizes

  • AutomationDirect

Existing display options include analog process signals, load cell, or potentiometer inputs, and temperature inputs in either °F or °C from RTDs or thermocouples. All panels offer selectable decimal point location.

Fujitsu Components introduces FWM7RAZ01 24GHz Doppler radar sensor

  • Fujitsu Components America, Inc.

The FWM7RAZ01 supports IF (I/Q) output signals from 1Hz to 1 MHz enabling it to detect movement speeds from 6mm-per-second to 6km-per-second, within a 30-meter range.