Pepperl+Fuchs offers IO-Link masters with OPC UA interface

  • Pepperl+Fuchs

By combining OPC UA and IO-Link, Pepperl+Fuchs has opened up possibilities for end-to- end, transparent, communication from the lowest field level to the cloud.

Analytical Systems Keco introduces Series 150-Lab H2S Analyzer

  • Analytical Systems International KECO

Used in inspection labs, gas terminals, the food and beverage industry and refineries, the Series 150-Lab H2S Analyzer is capable of precision gas measurement in the low, single-digit PPB to high PPM levels.

Novotechnik introduces Vert-X 1600 series of sensors

  • Novotechnik

Vert-X 1600 series sensors convert rotational angle into an analog or digital output. Measurement range is 0 to 360° with 14-bit resolution and repeatability of 0.1°. Available analog outputs are 10 to 90% of supply voltage and 5 to 95% of supply voltage. Digital interface options include SPI and PWM.

AMETEK Process Instruments introduces WDG-V UOP/RP analyzer for oxygen measurement

  • Ametek

Designed for SIL-2 safety systems, the upgraded electronics provide an additional layer of safety to ensure operation. The electronics also connect to the AMEVision HMI Host Display for a graphical user interface and additional digital communications.

PREMO announces KGEA-MRHPM Series of middle-range antennas for automotive RFID

The KGEA-MRHPM Series (mid-range antennae) have been designed to reduce the number of antennas compared to the total number short antennas with equal or better performance reading distance and H-field around the whole vehicle.

ADLINK works with Intel and Amazon Web Services to integrate ADLINK AI at the Edge solution

  • ADLINK Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

The integrated solution offers an Amazon Sagemaker-built machine learning model optimized by and deployed with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, the ADLINK Edge software suite, and certification on AWS Greengrass.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces 6100 series purge and pressurization system

  • Pepperl+Fuchs

The 6100 series is a fully automatic system that does not require an operator to initiate purging or pressurization. It offers optional temperature sensors that can be mounted around the motor for alarm notification or cooling. Additionally, there is automatic pressure compensation for excess leakage from the motor.

JAI adds “Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable” Interface (SFP+) for Sweep and Sweep Plus Series of line scan cameras

  • JAI, Inc.

The “Enhanced Small Form-factor Pluggable” (SFP+) interface is a hot-pluggable network interface using transceiver modules to transmit and receive digital data via optical fiber cables.

United Electric Controls announces addition of ammonia and hydrocarbons sensors to Vanguard WirelessHART Gas Detector

  • United Electric Controls

WirelessHART Vanguard Gas Detectors interface with existing networks to provide continuous coverage while working to reduce the cost of detecting toxic and combustible gases

Pentek introduces Model 54141A dual channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter

The Model 54141A complies with the VITA 65.0 3U VPX specification, it also offers analog and digital interface options for the VPX P2 backplane connector to meet system-specific requirements.